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Öncel, Aydın & Uygun Attorney Partnership was founded in 1973 under the name “Öncel Law Firm” by Att. E. Sefa Öncel. Since its inception, Öncel Law Firm became a highly regarded law firm specializing in corporate & commercial law, labour law, litigation, debt collection, real-estate and administrative law.


After undergoing restructuring in 2011, Öncel Law Firm changed its name to Öncel, Aydın & Uygun Attorney Partnership with the addition of second-generation partners (Mr. Erman Öncel, Mr. A. Buğra Aydın and Mr. Cemal Umut Uygun) and expanded its practice in the international arena. In the following years, Öncel, Aydın & Uygun Attorney Partnership successfully included numerous prestigious local and international clients from various sectors to its portfolio and established a broad client base.


Our partners received legal education in the United States and United Kingdom. Moreover, Att. Erman Öncel is also a member of the New York State Bar. Our law firm is fluent in English.




Öncel, Aydın & Uygun Attorney Partnership benefits from a solid local background spanning over four decades and relies on strong traditional principles whilst providing cutting edge and proactive legal support. We strive to provide high quality and reliable services in a global and modern perspective with a business-minded and solution oriented approach that always caters to the realities of our clients’ needs.


Our law firm’s philosophy is built on valuing our clients as life-time business partners and providing them long-term legal services in almost every aspect of the business life. We see ourselves as one of the integral parts of the machine that paves the way for business success and strive to assist the decision makers of our clients on the hard calls they need to make.