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Our counsel Att. Saadet Öncel, who has worked as an administrative court judge for 30 years in Istanbul and retired as the Chief Judge of Erzurum Regional Administrative Court, regularly assists our law firm in almost all types of administrative and tax litigation.

Having unparalleled expertise and long success record, our law firm mainly focuses on the following:

  • Lawsuits for the annulment of expropriations and zoning plans,

  • Repeal of administrative monetary fines, tax penalties and sanctions,

  • Lawsuits concerning public procurement tenders and contracts,

  • Appealing against decisions of government authorities such as Turkish Competition Board, Radio Television Supreme Board, Information and Communication Technologies Authority, Savings and Insurance Fund and High Council of Monuments,

  • Acquiring stay of execution orders concerning administrative acts,

  • Providing legal advice and assistance on filing applications before government authorities.

Our law firm also has expertise in tax law representing its clients in tax-related lawsuits and assisting them during out-of-court settlement negotiations with the tax authorities.