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Att. A. Buğra Aydın, LL.M.
  • LinkedIn - White Circle

Position: Partner

Bar Admissions: Istanbul Bar

Languages: English

Practice Areas: Media & Entertainment Law, IT Law, Employment Law,

International Commercial Law, Administrative Law

Telephone: +90 212 246 11 19 – +90 532 595 56 05 (mobile)

Fax: +90 212 231 42 17





Istanbul Medipol University School of Law, Istanbul – Turkey - Ph.D. Candidate

University of Westminster School of Law, London - UK - Int. Commercial Law, LL.M. (with distinction)

Marmara University School of Law, Istanbul –Turkey - LL.B




Att. Buğra Aydın has broad experience in Turkish media & entertainment law, IT Law, corporate law, international commercial law and employment law matters. Att. Buğra Aydın has assisted a wide spectrum of international companies in the media, construction, manufacturing, IT, retail and real-estate sectors, both for satisfying their day-to-day legal needs and for carrying out their specialized project (such as establishing cross-border partnerships, collective labour negotiations, liquidation, etc.). Furthermore, Att. Buğra Aydın has also drafted and negotiated many contracts concerning media law, international commercial law, IT Law and real-estate law and was involved in the settlement of numerous international disputes. He has great understanding of governmental institutions and public entities, thus has a great track record for administrative law related disputes. In addition, Att. Buğra Aydın conducted intra-company investigations and prepared compliance reports regarding white collar crimes, data protection and competition law to ensure that foreign and local companies are operating within the boundaries of the Turkish legal system. He has also published several academic articles regarding competition law, international law and employment law. Att. Buğra Aydın is currently a lecturer of commercial law at Istanbul Medipol University School of Law. Att. Buğra Aydın is leading the Media and Entertainment Law and Employment Law departments of our law firm.




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