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Our law firm is highly experienced in all types of commercial transactions focusing mainly on complex cross-border transactions. We assist numerous local and international clients to help build their businesses on most protective legal foundations possible while also considering and respecting their commercial expectations with a realistic and solution-oriented approach.


We also support our clients in the growth and expansion of their operations into new markets, guiding them through the negotiations and liaising with possible partners, intermediaries and law firms in other jurisdictions.


Over the years, our law firm has gained significant experience in assisting our clients in EPC projects in various countries such as Turkey, Turkmenistan, Russian Federation, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Gabon and Afghanistan.

We actively take part in every aspect of the transactions starting from the negotiation phase to post-closing transactions and contract management. While we strive to provide preemptive legal advice to avoid any future conflicts, we also take pride in being capable of representing our clients during the litigation or arbitration procedures in case of conflict. We are highly experienced in working with law firms and attorneys in other jurisdictions.