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Our law firm offers services to its clients on almost all types IT law related matters with the assistance of our counsel Att. Leyla Keser Berber who is an Associate Professor at Istanbul Bilgi University Faculty of Law and the Director of Istanbul Bilgi University Information and Technology Law Institute.


Our services include:


  • Legal advice on e-commerce issues including conducting market research and risk analysis, legal assistance in B2B, B2C, C2C transactions and preparation and review of legal documents such as membership, user and subscriber agreements and privacy policies,

  • Consultation and attorney services regarding internet governance, compliance of internet content with the latest regulations, law enforcement matters, communications with the law enforcement agencies, notice and take down mechanisms and removal and access ban requests,

  • Provision of legal advice to and cooperation with governmental and non-profit authorities for policy making,

  • Preparation, review and negotiation of complex outsourcing agreements, technology licensing, software development and service level agreements,

  • Legal advice and research on data protection and privacy,

  • Research, comprehensive market analysis, assistance in strategic planning for start-up companies in the IT sector and the providers of products or services to be deployed to the market,

  • Legal advice and assistance in dealing with government institutions such as the Information and Communication Technologies Authority, Access Providers Association and Personal Data Protection Board,

  • Consultation and attorney services on IT law related litigation especially regarding disputes related to the Law on Regulation of Broadcasts via Internet and Prevention of Crimes Committed through Such Broadcasts,

  • Legal advice and attorney services regarding software licensing disputes.


Our attorneys and counsels also regularly work with the government, public network operators, service providers and major infrastructure providers regarding various types of telecommunications issues including:

  • Legal advice and assistance in dealing with government institutions such as Information and Communication Technologies Authority including preparation and filing of applications,

  • Preparing, reviewing and finalizing all kinds of sector related agreements such as  cloud services, data collection, infrastructure outsourcing, network, service provider services and security services,

  • Providing legal assistance, conducting training and seminars for compliance of business operations with newly enacted legislation,

  • Compliance analysis and market research,

  • Consultation and attorney services on telecommunications law related litigation.