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Our law firm advises its clients on all daily employment law related matters including:


  • Drafting all types of standard employment contracts,

  • Drafting and negotiating tailor-made employment and non-competition contracts to be signed by high-level employees and executives,

  • Legal advice on HR and employment practices including amendment and termination of employment contracts, changing working conditions and business structuring,

  • Written/oral consultation and research with respect to all types of employment related issues encountered during the course of daily business,

  • Compliance of operations with newly enacted legislations,

  • Representation and legal assistance in individual and collective termination procedures,

  • Providing legal representation before collective labour bodies such as trade unions and employer’s unions.

  • Legal advice regarding workplace safety and health regulations,

  • Legal advice regarding subcontractor relationships, employee transfer, temporary employment and the activities of payroll companies.

  • Providing legal representation for alternative dispute resolution methods such as labour mediation and labour arbitration.


Our law firm has special knowledge and expertise in Press Labour Law and other legislation regarding the employees of media companies in Turkey.


Touching on important issues such as remuneration and social benefits of employees, employment law in Turkey is a very sensitive area of law which may have serious financial and administrative consequences of companies due to wrong employment practices.


Therefore, we proactively identify risks and develop strategies and solutions to help employers avoid litigation and other employee disputes.


Spanning over 40 years, our attorneys have taken part in almost all types of complex employment disputes and settlements representing both the employers and employees.