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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Leyla Keser Berber
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Position: Of Counsel

Bar Admissions: Istanbul Bar

Practice Areas: IT Law

Telephone: +90 212 246 11 19

Fax: +90 212 231 42 17





Associate Professorship on ICT Law – June 2015

Marmara University, Institute of Social Sciences

Private Law, Ph.d (on the Multiparty International Economic Arbitration) – 1998

Marmara University, Institute of Social Sciences  Private Law, LL.M. – 1994

Marmara University Faculty of Law, LL.B.  – 1991




Leyla Keser is an Associate Professor at Istanbul Bilgi University Faculty of Law (Lecturer in Civil Procedure Law, International Economic Arbitration, ICT Law, e-Health, e-Health Management and Health Informatics, Computer Forensic, e-Government) and is the Director of Istanbul Bilgi University Information and Technology Law Institute (former Information Technology Law Research Center). As a pioneer of the academia on information and technology law, she is actively involved in various activities with different roles and responsibilities. She has taken part in numerous e-government projects such as e-Signature Laws and Regulations (with the Turkish Information and Communication Technologies Authority), e-Invoice (with the Ministry of Finance), Re-Structuring of Internet Board (with the Ministry of Transport, Marine and Communications), e-Health Transformation Projects (with the Ministry of Health), Data Protection (with the Ministry of Justice).


She provides consultancy to various stakeholders including Istanbul Chamber of Commerce on e-ITO Project; Ministry of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communication on multistakeholder Internet governance and Internet content management; Ministry of Health on e-Health Project; Ministry of Custom and Trade on preparing of the Turkish Commercial Code; Turkish Information Technologies and Communication Authority on e-ID, e-Signature, Cybersecurity, domain names, data protection and privacy.


In 2006, on behalf of the IT Law Research Center she signed a collaboration agreement with the Ministry of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communication on restructuring of the Internet Improvement Board. She hosted 2009 Conference of Istanbul Information Security Initiative. With Ministry of Custom and Trade she organized a conference on the Digital Company on 11 October 2010. As IT Law Institute she hosted Internet Improvement Board’s meeting on Internet Law on 11 October 2011. She organized a workshop with the Union of Turkish Bars on Data Protection in 2012. She worked with the Hague Conference on Private International Law on e-Apostille Project between 2011-2012 and currently she is working with the Turkish Postal Institution in order to set up Turkey’s e-apostille system. She is working with the ICANN on multistakeholder Internet governance, IANA stewardship transition and ICANN accountability.


She is also working with the ICANN Istanbul Hub and its General Manager closely in order to create an awareness about multistakeholder Internet governance and domain name policies. In that regard, she organized with the ICANN Turkey DNS Forum and also a roundtable on academic contribution about ongoing debate “multistakeholder internet governance. At the same day (22 May 2014) as a member of the Network of Centers (NoC), she organized a public conference on Moving Towards a Collaborative Internet Governance Ecosystem: Contributions by the Academic Community and Next Steps. She worked with the ISOC and organized jointly an event on Internet: Privacy and Digital Content in a Global Context. As a member of NoC, she organized a session during the IGF Istanbul 2014 about Perspectives on Internet Governance and Research (IGF Istanbul, Host Country Session). On behalf of the NoC she organized another event on ICT, Law, and Innovation: Recent Developments, Challenges, and Lessons Learned. She organized another joint event with the International Association of IT Lawyers on International Law and Trade: Bridging the East-West Divide. She organized with the ITechLaw Cyberspace Camp İstanbul Meeting.


Leyla Keser is the author of numerous book, reports and articles in several different fields.