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Litigation has been the cornerstone of our practice since our firm's establishment in 1973. We have extensive knowledge and experience of over 40 years in representing our clients on the most challenging cases.


We take pride in evaluating each case with a strategic approach considering the actual business needs and objectives our clients.


Our partners provide hands on approach to all cases and are always readily accessible by clients. We update our clients on every development throughout the entire judicial process.


We have a long track record of success for our clients in almost all types of commercial and administrative lawsuits especially regarding:


  • Annulment of Administrative Acts

  • Full Remedy for Administrative Acts

  • Tax Disputes

  • Commercial Disputes

  • Contract Disputes

  • Company Law Related Disputes

  • Intra-Shareholder Disputes

  • M&A Related Disputes

  • Labour Law Related Disputes

  • Media and IT Law Related Disputes

  • Real Estate lawsuits

  • Professional Liability

  • Antitrust and Compliance

  • Health Care Disputes

  • Bankruptcy and Enforcement Proceedings


We also provide legal consultation to our Turkish clients with respect to international or multijurisdictional lawsuits, arbitration and investigations in which they are involved. We are highly experienced in working with law firms and attorneys in other jurisdictions.