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As one of our law firm’s main areas of expertise, we have extensive knowledge in all matters regarding the media and entertainment sector. We have been catering to all the needs of both domestic and international companies active in the old media and the new.


Our services in the media and entertainment law include:


  • Legal assistance in investment and M&A transactions in the media sector,

  • Written/oral consultation and legal advice regarding daily operations of media companies such as television broadcasters, IPTV producers, production companies, advertisement companies, news portals as well as individuals such as producers, singers, songwriters, directors, performers and actors,

  • Providing legal assistance, conducting training and seminars for compliance of business operations with newly enacted legislation,

  • Consultation and representation services on disputes arising out of infringement of personal rights and other compensation lawsuits,

  • Consultation and representation services on copyright disputes,

  • Legal assistance and representation services on press labour law related matters, such as various types of termination methods (unilateral, mutual, collective), arrangement of atypical employment relationships (secondment, freelance employment, etc.) and day-to-day labour law issues,

  • Providing legal representation before collective labour bodies such as trade unions and employer’s unions,

  • Legal assistance and representation services on tax and administrative law disputes,

  • Assisting and conducting administrative proceedings before governmental and non-governmental bodies including Radio and Television Broadcasting Authority, Information Technologies and Communication Authority, Turkish Radio and Television Institution, Advertisement Board and Advertising Self-Regulatory Board,

  • Consultation and representation services on advertisement related disputes,

  • Negotiating and assistance on social media disputes and online reputation protection.