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Our law firm provides detailed legal services in all aspects of real estate law. We have great experience in dealing with local and multinational real estate owners, developers and asset management companies. Some of the services that we provide are listed below:

  • Drafting and negotiating flat for land based construction contracts,

  • Providing legal advice to real estate investment funds,

  • Assisting asset management companies in their operations in Turkey,

  • Providing legal consultancy and background check services for deed transfers and drafting, reviewing and revising the necessary agreements for purchase and sale of real estates,

  • Drafting and negotiating lease agreements,

  • Assisting in the collection of lease receivables and shared expenses,

  • Filing and removing liens on real estates,

  • Providing legal assistance on real estate development projects for residential, commercial and industrial zones,

  • Our law firm also provides a one stop shop for foreign investors looking to invest in real estate all around Turkey.