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Att. E. Sefa Öncel
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Position: Founding Partner

Bar Admissions: Istanbul Bar

Practice Areas: Litigation, Contracts, Corporate Law, Transportation Law,

Employment Law, Real Estate Law and Administrative Law

Telephone: +90 212 246 11 19

Fax : +90 212 231 42 17





Istanbul University Faculty of Law, LL.B.




As the founding partner of our law firm, Att. E. Sefa Öncel advised numerous clients on almost all fields of law and took active role in all stages of legal and administrative judicial processes since 1973, specializing in commercial lawsuits. Att. E. Sefa Öncel also has extensive knowledge in the area of international land transportation law and provided legal assistance to numerous transportation companies throughout the years. Att. E. Sefa Öncel also provides legal assistance and consultancy in the areas of commercial law, contacts law, employment law and administrative law. With 40 years of experience, Att. E. Sefa Öncel is co-leading the Litigation and Debt Collection departments of our law firm.


Att. E. Sefa Öncel also worked as the Chief Legal Counsel at Zorlu Group of Companies from 2000 to 2006.




International Land Transportation Law (Book), 2007

Competition and Corporate Governance, Zorlu Holding Mag. (2015)